Moving at the Speed of Retail


The world’s changed and it’s never been more important to have the right tools to help you create the most memorable and safe environment for your customers.

In-Store Audio with U-Hear

Make sure your customers are always listening to the right music that matches the mood and atmosphere you’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating for them. Our software/hardware options make sure your customers are listening to what YOU want them to hear, exactly at the right time you need them to hear it.

In-Store Screens with U-See

Stop spending money on POP and printed materials that depend on a lot of costly logistics for getting the right materials to all your stores in the correct size or format. And then having to coordinate the changing of all those materials when the season changes. With our software or hardware options, once your screens are set up, you can change the materials in all your stores with the click of a mouse, or right on your phone.

Count your customers with U-Count

Our hardware and software solutions for counting customers are the most cost-effective in the market and will give you a very clear picture how many customers visit your store. Know you’ll know when you have the most traffic! Which stores have great traffic but low sales? Which stores are over or under staffed to meet the traffic levels?


Measure satisfaction with U-Poll

Find out if your customers are satisfied with your service. Did you have the right item they were looking for? What new products would they love for you to carry? Is your sales team treating your customers right? How did your customers find your store? Why did they buy at your store and not at the competition?