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The world has changed and it has never been more important to have the right tools to help you create the most memorable and safe environments for your customers. Our Retail Technology Company provides cost-efficient and data driven background music, digital signage, and foot traffic people counters for chain stores, malls, restaurants, and spas around the world.


Background Music Service

Centralized Digital Signage

In-Store Audio with U-Hear

Make sure your customers are always listening to the background music that best matches the mood and atmosphere you have designed for your brand experience. Our software/hardware in-store radio options ensure your customers listen to music, notifications, offers and information, while enjoying the best possible experience.

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In-Store Digital Signage with U-See

Old-school POP and print materials rely on costly logistics to get the materials in the right size or format to all your stores, and then to make sure it actually gets displayed. Our Digital Signage options, on the other hand, allows for easy distribution of promotions (images or videos) across all of your stores in just a few minutes.

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Store foot traffic analytics with U-Count

Our customer counting hardware and software solutions are the most cost effective on the market and will give you a very clear idea of ​​how many customers visit your store. Our real-time store traffic analytics provide you with valuable insights on conversion, staffing needs and promotional effectiveness. Also, you will be able to compare traffic between stores being tracked or days of the week.

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Measure customer satisfaction with U-Poll

Find out if your customers are satisfied with your service. Did you have the items they were looking for? What new products would they like you to have? Does your sales team treat your customers well? How did your customers find your store? Why did they buy from your store and not from the competition? Our easy to use software provides real-time data on these and other business-critical questions.

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