Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction is one of the pillars of retail and hospitality sectors. Our Customer Satisfaction Survey and Exit Poll app technologies, you will gather real time customer feedback data on service, price, product search, among others, while also collecting customer contact information.

This information can be used to design top nothc customer experiences, with well trained staff, ideal product selection and smart spaces with well thought background music and centralized digital signage.

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cutomer feedback gathered with MarketBeat's Customer Satisfaction Survey - Cutomer Satisfaction for Retailers

Customer satisfaction is one of the main objectives in all service companies. With our self-filling survey and app technologies, you can quickly and economically (without bothering) ask your customers if they found what they were looking for and if we served them well.

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Types of customer satisfaction surveys

Man using cutomer satisfaction or cutomer feedback app for retail

a customer satisfaction survey is an effective way to get feedback from your customers. Surveys can help identify areas for improvement, develop new programs and products, improve customer service and increase repeat business.

There are many types of surveys, but there are three that are highly used in points of sale:

1- Net Promoter Score. A metric that determines how likely a customer is to recommend our business. The NPS methodology was developed by Fred Reichheld in 2003.

2- Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). Usually with ratings from 1-5 (although it can be a yes or no) we ask the client how satisfied they are with us. One version of this is the star ratings on Amazon or the sad or happy faces known as happy or not happy. Read more about CSAT.

3- Customer Effort Score (CES). This customer satisfaction methodology rates the perceived ease of use of our products or services, usually on a scale of 1-7. This methodology was developed by Gartner in their search for customer loyalty.

Benefits of our
U-Poll Customer Satisfaction Survey and Exit Poll Technology


Surveys and their responses can be managed from your control panel anywhere in the world with access to Internet.


Our technology allows you to create tailored surveys, requesting demographic data, purchase intention or any other type. You can select the type of question and the desired response form (stars, values, open, happy face, etc.)

Real time

From your panel you can know the feedback of your customers in real time in each of its halls or restaurants. Even if a customer evaluates you wrong, you can notify the manager to control the issue or avoid a bad evaluation in networks social.


The client, if you so decide, can use the survey to join loyalty programs, download coupons or Join your email marketing list.


Many of our clients place the satisfaction survey in mini-touchscreen version next to the box register. This makes it easy for the buyer to give his opinion after to pay. This is achieved with our U-Poll kit for Counter.

In restaurants, however, it is usual for waiters to have our version of U-Poll App on their tablets, being able to use our mobile application to survey customers at the table.


Without having to pay armies of outside pollsters or long forms, our technology enables rapid distribution of surveys for little money per month.

Data accessible

Consolidated information can be viewed in a variety of online reports or downloaded raw to be analyzed in a spreadsheet or other software.

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