Frequently Asked Questions

Our service facilitates the centralized administration of everything that is heard in each of the branches, allowing music segmentation and promotions by location, buyer profile or store format.

It is our background music service, quickly and economic. This can be via our Desktop App or using one of our U-Hear Plug & Play devices.

It is an intelligent people counter system; the data generated by our people counter for shops and shopping malls are instrumental in improving the conversion rate, marketing and ultimately sales.

Our proprietary technology people counters, some components under technological patent, are based on artificial intelligence and computer vision deliver to you what you need: traffic data from reliable people, in real time and at a low cost.

It is a tool that allows you to quickly Inexpensive and minimally invasive, a customer satisfaction survey customer from the cash register cabinet (auto-fill) or from table (via app).

It consists of a digital signage, this is based on screens placed inside stores or restaurants (even as a menu digital) and that can be updated as needed, per hour of the day, date or day of the week.

Digital signage is the distribution of content multimedia (audio, image or video) using screens independently or in a network, being able to be in the public road (outdoor) or inside premises (indoor).

  • Potential Traffic
  • Traffic to commercial premises
  • Conversion rate
  • Average ticket
  • cost per meter

It is the indicator that measures how many people pass through your premises.

It is the indicator that measures how many people actually enter your premises.

It is the indicator that measures how many people buy from you.

It is the indicator that measures how much is the total that they buy on average.

It is the indicator that measures how much it costs you to maintain the premises.

It is a regional company focused on the creation of spaces commercial and intelligent, that optimize the experience of technology-based users.

Our services can reach any part of the world. We currently have offices in El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica and presence with various clients in the United States, Central America, Panama, Colombia, Peru and the Dominican Republic. Contact us!.